Evolution never ends...here it is "Tufa bolt"♡♡♡♡☆☆☆ Soon in production line....
We are proud about the new carabiner made of 316L ! It was tested in our laboratories at 48+ kN breaking load and passed the tests successfully.
Many friends have asked me what "Iapetus Titan" is about Iapetus Titan is our new line of products made of Titanium Gr2, consisting of three, different shaped Glue-in bolts. More coming soon...
We are proud and delighted to announce you, that after several tests that were carried out in our laboratories as well as in a Certified European Body, ¨Rhea Titan¨ has successfully passed the tests, according to EN 959:2018 and UIAA, exceeding the required limits.Innovative in its kind, as it is perhaps the first certified expansion bolt made of Τitanium Gr2 throughout the world, offers a multitude of advantages to both the user and the environment as well…
The new Ghost hanger was designed exclusively for use with a carabiner that has a very small gap between the body and the locking pin. Soon available with ring...
How many quickdraws can you put at your anchor?
Our Arrow SS anchor glue-in bolt, has got its name from its shape as it resembles an arrow. It is made of Stainless steel 316L with a maximum body diameter of 12mm, designed to fit in a 14mm hole. Its innovative design with its large width eyelet allows the use of more than two carabiners and the body’s wavy surface, ensures that it will not slide out. The product undergoes a passivation process, for the purpose of the removal of free iron or other foreign material. In addition, it is subject to an extra process of polishing-finishing to maximize corrosion resistance. Arrow SS, has been tested and certified according to the latest standards EN 959: 2018 & UIAA by an accredited laboratory. Lappas has a Management System as per EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate and it is one of the 70+ International companies with UIAA SAFETY LABEL HOLDERS.
Lappas Climbing...your jewellery store 😉 Titanium & Stainless Steel
make it simple... 😉
Rhea Titan D10...on air...💪💪💪 3 different sizes of bolts😎 *10x75mm *10x90mm *10x110mm
U-BOLTS Ti family...are ready
We are proud of the new line Sea Urchin,Alpine,Ghost,Drop and Drop+... All products now available in 3/8" and 1/2" because we have friends all over the world 🙂
Lower-off without welding parts ? Yes 😀 😮 😲 😮 Quick Link AISI 316L?
Nothing is impossible 😉 Carabiner from Titanium Gr2 😉
Rock & Ice Long Alpine Mixed climbing routes need light material...Alpine Titan Torelli
make it simple... 😉
Butterfly 🦋 💙 Right or Left plate? now available 😉 Nothing is impossible... 💪 💪 💪
Today we tested in our Laboratory the new line from Carbon Steel 4mm....we are proud for the new line More soon...