About Us

LAPPAS S.A. based in Ioannina is a leading Greek company in the field of stainless steel processing and production.

Since 1970 the company creates high-quality products and our unique and long-term experience enables us to respond promptly and with accuracy to all our client’s needs.

LAPPAS S.A. climbing bolts are certified by EN 959:2018, EN 795:2012, EN 365:2004, UIAA, and our commitment is the application of ideas that are aligned with quality. By using the latest production equipment (Laser cutting, Punching, Shear, and Bending machines), our company continues to evolve and improve every stage of the production process.

LAPPAS S.A.’s objective is always to exploit its experience and expertise, innovate, evolve thus addressing every challenge. Our products – made of 316L (marine) and Titanium Gr2 – are manufactured according the necessary requirements and terms and are the result of our fifty years of experience.

Peter Lappas, the designer and CEO of the company decided to manufacture high-quality climbing bolts combining his work and his passion as well, creating products with the concept “produced from climbers for climbers”. Navigate and have access to more information about us and the products we produce.

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Lappas Peter
Climbing Instructor