Rock Anchor II 10x75 mm


Model: Rock Anchor IΙ

  • Material: AISI 316L (Marine)
  • Weight: 51,4 g
  • Rock Anchor: 10 mm
  • Dimensions: 10 x 75 mm
  • Usable by 1 person at a time


Our new bolt was designed for climbing, mountaineering, rescue, speleology and rope access jobs.
The 2 expansion rings (made of the same material as the body) make our bolt ideal for all around use.
Can be used on medium and hard rock (limestone, dolomite and granite).
Not recommended for sandstone and quartzite use*

* Attention: On particularly soft rocks (such as sandstone or quartzite use) all the expansion bolts – including our own – are not recommended due to the unreliable nature of the supporting material.
In these circumstances we recommend the use of glue-in anchors (epoxy glue resin).

  • The nut is A4 80 (AISI 316L) marked.
  • The washer is 316L marked.
  • The body on the side of the cone is 316L marked.


An outer layer of shield material has been formed on the surface of our product through the process of passivation creating a shell against corrosion.

Please read our manual before installing.

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 User Manual

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Material: 316L

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